Emily de Molly Valentine’s Day Trio 2021 (PR)

I’m excited to share the upcoming Emily de Molly Valentine’s Day Trio! This trio has one micro holographic glitter polish, a larger glitter polish and an iridescent flakie polish. Alright, let’s get into the swatches!!

For my Australian followers: The collection launches in February on Monday the 1st at 10am AEDT at

For my US/ International followers:
The collection launches in February on Sunday the 31st at 6pm EST at

Let’s get onto the swatches!

Cherry Waves

I think this one is my favourite out of the trio, although they’re all really just as gorgeous as each other. This polish feels like a perfect Christmas shade and I think I’ve already locked it in to wear this Christmas Day!

It’s described as a dark red jelly base filled with gold micro holographic glitters. The formula is super easy to apply and it covers perfectly in two coats. It’s also so sparkly and holographic, definitely a must buy!

$10 USD / $12 AUD

feat. Alfie

For Keeps

This polish is sooo sparkly! The blue and red chunky glitter also stand out so beautiful. The formula flattens really well and one coat of top coats evens out any larger glitter pieces easily.

It’s described as a dark magenta jelly base filled with magenta holographic glitters.

$10 USD / $12 AUD

feat. Casper

Entice With Charm

This polish is such a chameleon shade, in direct sunlight it looks like a neon orange, and in natural light it looks like a soft peachy pink filled with gold flakies. Although, on camera, it mainly looks like a neon orange. Super pretty!

It’s described as a neon pink base with copper / gold / green iridescent flakes.Because of the gold/copper flakes this has an overall coral look to it.

$11 USD / $13 AUD

And that’s the trio! Across the board, the formulas all apply really easily and the shades are all stunning, as always!

Let me know what you think about this trio in the comments below.

As always, I’ll see you in my next post!

– Soph 💗✨

*the polishes in this post were sent to me for free in exchange for swatches and an honest review. If you want to find in depth swatch photos, check out my Instagram @thepolishblog

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